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Application for Alliance


If you or your company want to establish a strategic alliance with Nefs for sales, marketing or social contributions in order to create a synergy effect, please complete the below form to submit a variety of business proposals.

Description of Alliance

Notice List
Proposal File
* File Size Limit : 20MB

Information of Company

Notice List
Cotact Number - -
Company Introduction
* File Size Limit : 20MB

About collection and use of personal information

Nefs collects personal information of companies or individuals who want to establish an alliance with Nefs as below.

1. Personal information items to be collected: [Requirement] Company, Proposer, E-mail, Contact Number / [Optional] the Website Address

2. Purpose of collection and use of personal information: To identify and secure smooth communication at the request of alliance

3. Period of use of personal information: Nefs will keep personal information of users for a month after all reviews are completed.


Nefs will contact you if the implementation of business is determined after reviewing your proposal. However, please understand that Nefs may reject your proposal and, in this case, is not obligated to indemnify and reply to the proposer or not responsible for other liabilities.