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Nefs is conducting a sustainable social contribution business to become a respectable and trustworthy company in the community.

We, all employees of Nefs, have recognized that sharing leads to happiness for ourselves instead of others and we have been conducting a wide range of social contribution activities for neglected children to make Nefs a company sharing warm happiness. We are aware that social contribution activities of enterprise is not optional but necessary and will continuously and voluntarily make efforts for a variety of themed social contribution businesses.

[Donation of Dreamlike Kitchen]Activity that supports dreams of children in difficult circumstances with human and material resources of Nefs.


What is ‘Donation of Dreamlike Kitchen’ by Nefs?

It is one of the most representative social contribution activities of Nefs, which is conducted to improve the dining environments for children and to support their dreams based on its human resources, including experts of kitchen culture developing company Nefs and general physical resources such as kitchen & dining furniture and general furniture.

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[Nefs Dream Scholarship Program]Activity that supports dreams of children by selecting scholarship students and providing scholarships


What is Nefs ‘Dream Scholarship Program’ of Nefs?

It is a social contribution campaign that Nefs has been conducting since 2010. We annually select scholarship students from middle or high school students of Dreamlike Kitchen Donation Center for Children and continuously support their dreams by providing scholarships.

- As of 2016, we have provided 41,150,000to 142students so far.

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[Mecenat Sponsorship]Culture & art event sponsorship


What is Nefs ‘Mecenat Sponsorship’?

Nefs, a brand creating living culture, is supporting the coexistence of enterprise and art through a wide range of continuous mecenat sponsorship programs such as exhibits, culture & art group activities and events.

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[Beautiful Sharing]Nefs employees’ voluntary social contribution activity


What is ‘Beautiful Share’ of Nefs?

It is a social contribution activity that employees of Nefs voluntarily conducts to implement ‘beautiful sharing’ through a variety types of talent donations and charity bazaars.

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