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Mecenat Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship for Marc Riboud Photo Exhibition (2012)
    Nefs spares no effort to support meaningful domestic and overseas culture and art events. Nefs worked as a sponsorship company for the first retrospective exhibition of Marc Riboud who is the last living artist of the first generation of contemporary photography and touched many people’s hearts with his statements for prohibited areas and his evocative masterpieces of historical moments in Korea.
  • Jeju Gotjawal Protection Fund (2011)
    In commemoration of Nefs Masterpiece Competition held in Jeju Gotjawal in 2011, we took the initiative in protecting environments by raising funds to ‘Eco Buddy Matching Fund Charity’ for protection of Jeju Gotjawal whenever Nefs players record buddies and delivering the money to National Nature Trust.
  • Pink Ribbon Charity Event (2009 to 2011)
    Being aware of the seriousness of breast cancer that kills over 460 thousand women in the world every year, Nefs participated in the Pink Ribbon Campaign to improve awareness of breast cancer, conducted diverse promotion activities and financially supported treatments and operations for patients in economic difficulties by donating raised money to Breast Cancer Aid Association jointly established by Seoul National University’s Boramae Medical Center and Golf for Women.
  • Publication of Soul of Nefs Art Book (2009)
    As a part of culture & art supporting activities, we published Art Book ‘Nefs Artist Collection - Soul of Nefs’. Soul of Nefs is a monumental mecenat art book including masterpieces and texts of 30 promising contemporary artists such as Geum Jung-gi, Park Seung-mo, Jo Hun and Choi Tae-hun who participated in ‘Mad for Furniture’ and ’18 Masterpiece Exhibition’ on complex cultural space Nefs Face. We donated the book so that everyone can enjoy it.
  • Arts Supporting Fund for Small & Medium Business (2008)
    We joined in ‘Arts Supporting Fund for Small & Medium Business’ jointly hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Mecenat Association and provided 15 million to Alternative Space Loop which is an art company Nefs established a sisterhood relationship with.
  • Performing Arts Sponsorship (2006 to 2007)
    With the sponsorship for a Concert with Narration in commemoration of the foundation of Isang Yun International Composition Prize, we also supported ‘Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra performances in Korea’ and ‘Swan Lake’ of St. Petersburg Ballet of Russia.