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Beautiful Sharing

  • Nefs Masterpiece Gallery Plaza Fund Raising (2009~2016)
    We annually hold Nefs Masterpiece Gallery Plaza Fund Raising to sell promotions and use the profits as scholarships.
  • Nefs Social Contribution Group ‘36.5’ (2014~)
    It is a corporate social volunteer group composed of Nefs employees.
    They establish scholarships for neglected children through a variety of events such as Donation & Give, Love Lunch Box and Cherish Auction.
  • Emergency Relief Funds (2013)
    Emergency relief funds are a type of social contribution activity that supports money or goods to local children’s centers which have difficulty to help children or may be in danger of accidents, natural disasters or closing. Considering the urgency and the seriousness of the case, we supported the revitalization of 20 local children’s centers.
  • Warm Baby Clothing Making (2013)
    ‘Ijinhoi’ composed of female members of Nefs participated in Baby Clothing Making Campaign held by Sarangbat for babies who can’t afford even a cloth. Caring Iljinhoi members made clothes for babies of single mothers or from poor families and undeveloped countries, wishing their health.
  • Love Hat Knitting (2011)
    In 2011, ‘Ijinhoi’ composed of beautiful and kind female employees of Nefs participated in Hat Knitting Campaign for Babies held by Save the Children. Female employees knitted hats to keep newborn infants safe from hypothermia and delivered them to countries in difficult circumstances such as Ethiopia, Mali and Nepal.
  • Folk Painting Exhibition & Class (2010)
    As an artistic designed furniture company, Nefs held Folk Painting Exhibition & Class to show the coexistence of tradition and modern times. A part of profits of Nefs Folk Painting Exhibition held for sharing is used to support neglected children. In addition, Artist Gang Eun-myeong of Osaekchaedam donated her talent through Give & Donation Folk Painting Class during the exhibition.
  • Cooking Class (2010)
    Special and Heart-warming program ‘Cooking Class’ is established as a part of Give & Donation. For this class, the instructor, Nefs and customers donated talent, material costs and participation fees, respectively. Customers learned table decorations and recipes from Director of Worldwide Food Culture Institute and food consultant Park Yeon-gyeong.
  • Collecting Saving Banks of Love (2009)
    We held a Block Saving Bank Collecting Event with the Beautiful Foundation in 2009. All employees of Nefs saved money in their saving banks for a year and delivered to less fortunate neighbors.